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Album Reviews

3rd of February 2020

Album Review – His Mercy Is More: The Hymns of Matt Boswell and Matt Papa

The Context Matt Boswell and Matt Papa have been cowriting hymns for over a decade, and this album represents the fruit of their co-labor. Boswell is a lead pastor at […]

28th of January 2020

Album Review – Cardiphonia, “Hollow Square Hymnal”

The Context Cardiphonia is a collaboration of artists and musicians who give their first fruits to the church.  Bruce Benedict, Chaplain of Worship and Arts at Hope College is the […]

13th of January 2020

Roman Catholic Song Spectrum

While I am not personally Roman Catholic, I have spent and continue to spend a lot of my time in Roman Catholic spaces, with Roman Catholic musicians, and leading song […]

6th of January 2020

Why Sing in Worship?

Author – Adam Perez is a doctoral student in liturgical studies at Duke Divinity School.   In this blog post, I want to offer some simplified responses to the question, “Why […]

18th of December 2019

The Church Is Dying – And I’m Not Bothered

The Church Is Dying This morning I read yet another headline from a denominational news source to the effect of “9 things the church must change immediately so it doesn’t […]

3rd of December 2019

Questions for the Director – CCLI or Onelicense?

Here’s the next question that I sometimes get from you church musicians and pastors out there. This one is about copyright. I’m sure many of you will relate to the […]

19th of November 2019

2020 Writing/Composing Retreat Grant

Grant Description Amount: Up to $1000 For composers and writers who are in the midst of their career, it is often hard to find time to write. With busy schedules, […]

18th of November 2019

Ten Artists Kanye Obviously Doesn’t Know About

We weren’t going to post anything about Kanye West and his new album. Frankly, he gets enough press already and most of his music isn’t designed nor does it lend […]

4th of November 2019

An Interview with George Shorney

Many times the people who are most passionate about a topic and those who do so much to empower and enable good and important work are never given the spotlight. […]

31st of October 2019

Podcast Season 3 Now Available

The third season of our podcast, Voices United: A Congregational Song Podcast, is now available. Hosted by Ben Brody, this season’s episodes come from interviews while at the Annual Conferences […]