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Album Reviews

Album Reviews

2nd of December 2021

Album Review – The Porter’s Gate: “Advent Songs”

The Context The Porter’s Gate collective of songwriters is frequently mentioned by the Sing! Blog team, for reasons made evident in work like their recent release, Advent Songs. Just as […]

9th of July 2021

Album Review – The Meek Squad, I Am For You: Songs of Prayer and Peace

The Context Within the first 30 seconds of this album, my attention was completely arrested. Although the first track is a simple, brief chorus, I heard a voice I have […]

3rd of June 2021

Album Review – Rachel Wilhelm: “Requiem”

The Context Rachel Wilhelm is no stranger to writing songs of lament – her first full-length album from 2017 is Songs of Lament, and she produced and contributed to 2020’s […]

19th of April 2021

Album Review – Resound Worship: “Let Praise Resound”

The Context Resound Worship is a collective of British worship leaders founded in 2006. Those familiar with the development in contemporary praise and worship may remember the late 90s influence […]

16th of April 2021

Album Review – The Many: “Love > Fear”

The Context The Many is a Chicago-based indie/folk gospel band with a desire to equip people to sing praise and lament to God. They self-describe their music as “feet-on-the-ground, heart-in-hands, […]

12th of April 2021

Album Review – Paul Zach: Hymns

The Context Singer/Songwriter Paul Zach has released 1 EP in 2018 and has contributed to several of the albums already reviewed here on the blog, including The Porter’s Gate albums. […]

23rd of February 2021

Single Review – Never Shakes Never Will

Note – this is the first time the Album Review blog has reviewed a “single” release. As music releases continue to shift from albums to singles and EPs, more reviews […]

16th of November 2020

Album Review – Tony Alonso: Caminemos con Jesús

The Context Theologian and composer/songwriter Tony Alonso has released 23 albums to date, and Caminemos con Jesús is the latest release in this long line of resources for the church. […]

5th of October 2020

Album Review – Cardiphonia: Daughter Zion’s Woe

THE CONTEXT Daughter Zion’s Woe is a joint release by Cardiphonia and The Liturgy Fellowship, with Rachel Wilhelm as producer. There are several remarkable albums of lament that have been […]

14th of September 2020

Singing Justice and Lament: Two New Albums from The Porter’s Gate

This blog is co-authored by David Bjorlin and Adam Perez. David is a worship pastor at Resurrection Covenant Church (Chicago), a lecturer in worship at North Park Theological Seminary (Chicago), […]