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Album Reviews

Album Reviews

28th of January 2020

Album Review – Cardiphonia, “Hollow Square Hymnal”

The Context Cardiphonia is a collaboration of artists and musicians who give their first fruits to the church.  Bruce Benedict, Chaplain of Worship and Arts at Hope College is the founder and director for Cardiphonia, and thus responsible for curating the artists who participate on each record. “Hollow Square Hymnal” was released in 2016 and […]

19th of June 2019

Album Review – Christopher Williams, “We Will Remember”

The Context Over his two-decade career, singer/songwriter Christopher Williams has played with the likes of Jars of Clay, Phil Keaggy, and David Wilcox. Williams is located in Nashville, and this most recent record is his 12th full-length album. “We Will Remember: Songs Inspired by the Book of Joel” is a different project for him, however, […]

9th of May 2019

Album Review – Joseph Pensak, “Hallowell”

The Context Hallowell is the name for Jospeh Pensak’s first project since participating in Bifrost Arts’ “Come, O Spirit!” From 2007. Pensak is a Presbyterian pastor in Burlington, Vermont, and the Hallowell album features a plethora of Vermont-based musicians. Pensak worked with composers and vocalists, including a chamber music collective and a chamber folk band, […]

27th of March 2019

Album Review – Pat Barrett, “Pat Barrett”

The Context You have probably heard Pat Barrett’s songs, if you have any exposure to Christian radio. This self-titled album is his first solo release, however. Barrett is a frequent cowriter, with previous songs appearing on the Housefires albums. He is also the author of the popular song covered by Chris Tomlin, “Good Good Father.” […]

22nd of March 2019

Album Review – Jeremy Moore, “Pillars”

The Context: “Pillars” is the second album from singer/songwriter Jeremy Moore. This album is a rearrangement of several hymns with pop, indie rock, southern rock, and folk sensibilities. Moore’s previous album is more in the intersection of jazz and singer/songwriter genres, which still manifests in moments on “Pillars.” Moore is based in Birmingham, Alabama, and […]

20th of February 2019

Album Review – Hillsong Worship, “There is More (Live)”

The Context Hillsong Worship, not to be confused with Hillsong United or Hillsong Young & Free, is a behemoth in the “industry” of music for Christian worship. Considered individually, each team of Hillsong’s writers has a slightly different generational or demographical focus, with Hillsong Worship being the more “adult” or cross-generational of the three. Each […]

15th of February 2019

Album Review – The Porter’s Gate Worship Project, “Volume One: Work Songs”

The Context The Porter’s Gate is a collaborative effort between many songwriters and artists, spearheaded by Isaac Wardell. Their stated goal is “… to build an ecumenical community that invites conversation and collaboration in an exploration of faith.” This “sacred arts collective” desires to provide a welcoming and deeply moving soundtrack for the Church’s presence […]

6th of February 2019

Album Review – Greg LaFollette, “Songs of Common Prayer”

The Context As the title clearly reflects, this album is a collection of songs whose lyrics are either directly drawn or adapted from the Book of Common Prayer. The artist, Greg LaFollette, is a Nashville singer/songwriter and worship leader who has been involved in over 100 records during his career. He has participated in cowrites […]

24th of January 2019

Album Review – Liturgical Folk, “Crumbs”

The Context Liturgical Folk was born in the collaboration of songwriter Ryan Flanigan and poet Nelson Koscheski. “Crumbs” is the third album released in 2 years, with most songs written on this album attributed to Flanigan. Flanigan serves at All Saints Dallas, an Anglican church in the Dallas, Texas area. The Anglican Mission in America […]

7th of November 2018

Album Review – Chris Tomlin, “Holy Roar”

The Context “Holy Roar” is the newest full-length release from Chris Tomlin. Tomlin is arguably one of the most influential songwriters of contemporary songs for worship, in part because of his intimate connections with Christian radio. Tomlin has been leading worship through song in some capacity since the mid-90s, and his ability to adapt to […]