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The Center for Congregational Song Programs

For Clergy


A Cappella Sunday

Mar 1, 2020

For 2024’s “A Cappella Sunday” details and resources, click here. What: A Cappella Sunday is when worshiping communities across...


Coffee & Hymns

Mar 28, 2019

Join Center Director Brian Hehn on the first Tuesday of each month at 9AM Eastern to sip on coffee...

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Hymn Society Conference

The Hymn Society’s Annual Conference is the premier conference focusing exclusively on congregational song in the U.S. and Canada....

Writing Workshops – For Beginning to Intermediate Artists

Writing the Church’s Song Writing inspiring texts and composing singable tunes is not easy. Like many things that are...

Hymn Festivals & Singing Events

Upcoming Opportunities to sing together at free Hymn Festivals and Singing Events: Advent/Christmas Season 2020 – Park, Porch, and...

Pastor Song Workshops

Pastors of small churches are often the only staff member for their churches (or multiple churches in many instances)....

Chinese Pastor Leading Song

Other Worship Conferences

Other Conferences Below is a list of organizations and events that we know who provide both a significant amount...

Online Courses

Upcoming Course JANUARY 2024 ONLINE COURSE: THEOLOGY OF HYMNS The Center for Congregational Song is sponsoring a seven-session online...

Sing! The Center For Congregational Song

Reparations Royalty Pilot

A practice of valuing the musical contributions of persons of color (POC) to worship music repertoire through regular community-supported payments. Project...

Sing! The Center For Congregational Song

Latinx Leadership Connection Program

Universidad Reformada, Carrera 38a, Las Mercedes Sur, Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia

This program is designed to connect worship leaders of Latin American descent living and working in the United States...

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