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Workshops – For Beginning to Intermediate Artists

Workshops – For Beginning to Intermediate Artists

Writing the Church’s Song

Writing inspiring texts and composing singable tunes is not easy. Like many things that are worthwhile in this life, the craft of writing the church’s song is one that requires us to continually hone our skills. Through our own “Writing the Church’s Song” gatherings as well as events offered by our partner organizations, we provide opportunities to new and upcoming artists to learn and/or hone the craft of text, tune, and song writing.

Upcoming Workshops

2020 – TBD

Past Workshops

2016 – Richmond, VA

2019 – Dallas, TX


United Adoration

A group of song-writers who love liturgy (the group was born out of leaders in the Anglican tradition) and who primarily work with worship bands. Various writing support groups and workshops are led by members of United Adoration across the U.S.

Upcoming Workshops

February 15-16, 2019 – Detroit Metro Area Songwriting Retreat –

April 3, 2019 – Fort Wayne, Indiana Songwriting Retreat –



Based out of the Church of Christ denomination, this hymn-writing workshop focuses on helping participants craft high-quality hymns designed to be sung primarily in a 4-part a cappella style.

June 17-21, 2019 – Columbia, MO –