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Podcast – Voices United

Podcast – Voices United

Voices United: A Congregational Song Podcast

Welcome to the official podcast of The Center for Congregational Song, “Voices United.” Produced and Hosted by Whitworth University church music professor Dr. Ben Brody, the podcast is supported by The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada and Whitworth University. As the podcast host, Ben’s task is to have as many conversations as he can with as many different congregational song enthusiasts as he can find. These meaningful conversations will seek to explore why people are passionate about congregational song, what works for their congregations, and stories of success and failures that we can be inspired by or learn from.

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Season 5

Episode 1: Carl Daw (part 1)

Episode 2: Carl Daw (part 2)

Episode 3: Jacque Jones

Episode 4: Chris Shelton

Episode 5: Sally Ann Morris (part 1)

Episode 6: Sally Ann Morris (part 2)

Season 4

Episode 1 – Susan Briehl

Episode 2 – Martin Leckebusch

Episode 3 – Janet Wootton

Episode 4 – Rosa Cándida Ramírez

Season 3

Episode 1 – Dr. Mary Louise Bringle

Episode 2 – Rev. John Bell

Episode 3 – Ana Hernández

Episode 4 – Rev. Christopher Idle

Episode 5 – Dr. Maria Cornou & Becky Snippe

Episode 6 – Dr. Gillian Warson on the life & legacy of Fred Kaan

Season 2

Episode 1 – Dr. Lisa Weaver & Dr. James Abbington

Episode 2 –  Dr. Monique Ingalls

Episode 3 –  Dr. Tony Alonso

Episode 4 –  Dr. Emmett Price

Episode 5 –  Bishop Timothy Dudley Smith (part 2)

Episode 6 –  Rev. Dr. Constance Cherry

Season 1

Episode 1 – Introduction to the Podcast by Ben Brody – Click to Listen

Episode 2 – Bishop Timothy Dudley Smith – Click to Listen

Episode 3 – Dr. Lim Swee Hong – Click to Listen

Episode 4 – Sister Delores Dufner – Click to Listen

Episode 5 – Rev. David Bailey – Click to Listen

Episode 6 – Brother Jean Marie – Click to Listen


Questions, comments, or suggestions for our podcast? Contact our producer and host Ben Brody by emailing him: Bbrody@Whitworth.Edu

Podcast Host

Ben Brody

Podcast Host


All podcasts are available on this website (episode links below), on our Spotify Channel, or on any of the podcast host sites below:

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