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Latinx Leadership Connection Program

Latinx Leadership Connection Program

Universidad Reformada, Carrera 38a, Las Mercedes Sur, Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia

This program is designed to connect worship leaders of Latin American descent living and working in the United States with worship leaders from across Latin America for a time of shared learning, relationship-building, and inspiration. The faculty will present fully bilingually (Spanish & English) and will represent scholars and practitioners from across Latin America and the United States.

We are pleased to partner with Red Crearte, a Latin American organization made up of people interested in supporting a work space in the field of music and liturgical art from an ecumenical and Latin American perspective.

We hope to accomplish two main things through this trip and future programs:

> Building/fostering a network of Latin American worship leaders who can cultivate ecumenical and musical growth and education by working together across national border.

> Helping Latinx worship leaders in the U.S., who often feel disconnected to their Latin American heritage, to find inspiration, education, and connection to the broader Latin American worshipping community.



Dates: January 25-30, 2024 (1 day travel + 4 full days + 1 day travel)

Location: Barranquilla, Colombia at the Universidad Reformada

Programming: Fully Bi-Lingual Programming (Spanish/English)

More Details:

> This program was an ecumenical gathering with 21 participants

> All programming was offered primarily in Spanish with Portuguese and English being offered as secondary options

> Programming was be held in partnership with Universidad Reformada

> Latin American heritage was not required for participants, but the program is designed for that demographic. Participants demonstrated a vested interest in building Latin American church music relationships and knowledge before being invited to participate



Rev. Gerardo Oberman (Argentina, Reformed) – Teacher & Facilitator (bio here)

Dr. Amós López (Cuba, Baptist) – Teacher (bio here)

Dr. Louis Marcelo (Brazil, Lutheran) – Teacher (bio here)

Dr. Soraya Eberle (Brazil, Lutheran) – Teacher (bio here)

Horacio Vivares (Argentina, Guitar & Orchestra) – Teacher (bio here)

Dr. Marcell Silva Steuernagel (Brazil/US, Lutheran) – Teacher (bio here)

Brian Hehn (US) – Facilitator (bio here)


Supporting Partners

We are grateful to our host institution Corporación Universitaria Reformada (Barranquilla, Colombia), our international ecumenical sponsor Qonakuy (Platform of Protestant and Evangelical Universities of Latin America), faculty sponsor Perkins School of Theology, and participant sponsor the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.





















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