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Blog – Centered In Song

Blog – Centered In Song

A blog connecting you to deep conversations, valuable resources, and challenging ideas

Centered In Song is a blog that features a core team of writers who care deeply about the congregation’s voice and who seek to have deep and meaningful conversations. Our team of bloggers are always on the lookout for great events, fresh ideas, and artists who are passionate about congregational singing. Because the team is made up of folk from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, this blog offers a variety of viewpoints and opinions on congregational song, celebrating the diversity that the church’s song embodies each and every week.


Blog Team

27th of September 2022

CCM: Fresh, Different, and Good for Congregational Song

Blogger Brian Hehn is the Director of The Center for Congregational Song.   In a very thoughtful and collegial Facebook Group I’m a part of, a member asked this question: […]

12th of April 2022


We are grateful to John Bell and the Wild Goose Resource Group of the Iona Community for sharing this resource with us. Below is the introductory text from the first […]

5th of April 2022

The Charles Wesley of the South Sudan: Mary Aluel Garang

Since the mid-1980s, Mary Aluel Garang’s theologically rich hymns have helped Sudanese Christians maintain faith and hope in God despite decades of war, conflict, and hardship. Her songs are known […]

23rd of March 2022

Rebuilding Choir in a COVID World

I am a music teacher and music therapist by training, as well as a church choir director. However, in March of 2020 I found myself with no choir, as I’m […]

30th of November 2021

An Interview With Lee Anderson of Meek Squad

It was such a joy to become aware of this album and then to get to interview some of the folks who recorded it. For our album review by David […]

5th of October 2021

Three New Communities & A Songwriter

Blogger Brian Hehn is the Director of The Center for Congregational Song.   One of the things I love about my job is that it is my responsibility to find […]

17th of September 2021

Vlog – Near the Cross

Emorja Roberson is a pianist, conductor, workshop coordinator, composer, arranger and vocalist in world of classical and gospel. He is the first African-American student in the Doctor of Musical Arts […]

10th of September 2021

Global Gospel: Gospel Music For Dealing With Hardship – Part II

Part I of this blog, including the introduction and the first six examples can be read here.   Don’t Give Up- Panam Percy Paul Next is Panam Percy Paul (Bakulipanam […]

2nd of September 2021

“My Chains Are Gone”: When White Evangelicals Sing About Slavery

Blogger Anneli Loepp Thiessen is an active song leader, researcher, classical musician, and music educator. She is pursuing a PhD in Interdisciplinary Music Research at the University of Ottawa where […]

9th of July 2021


Guest Blogger Christopher Dawes is Executive Chair of SOCHS (the Southern Ontario Chapter of the Hymn Society of the US and Canada).   Swiss organist Guy Bovet is often credited […]