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CCM: Fresh, Different, and Good for Congregational Song

Blogger Brian Hehn is the Director of The Center for Congregational Song.


In a very thoughtful and collegial Facebook Group I’m a part of, a member asked this question:

Contemporary congregational song: who would you say is doing stuff that if fresh, original, breaks the mould maybe, different from the rest, and good for congregational song?

Here’s the list of recommendations from folks in that group in the order they appear.

Porter’s Gate


Common Hymnal


Wendell Kimbrough


Civic Club


City Alight


Caroline Cobb Smith




Ghost Ship


Sojourn Music


Poor Bishop Hooper


St. Benedict’s Table


“The Heart of God” by Alana Levandoski


Rivers and Robots


“Come to Me” by David Baloche


“Our God Is All Over” by New Life Worship


I hope you found something new and useful for your worshiping community! Post your recommendations in the comments below.



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  1. Beverly Howard says:

    Thanks for posting these, Brian.

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