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Meet the Director

I was born and raised in South Georgia with a family who loved music and the church. Whether in worship, in rehearsal, hanging out with my brothers by the piano, or on a family trip, I grew up making music with others. With a passion for teaching and a life full of music-making, beginning a music-education degree was a no-brainer! After my first semester, I spent a summer on the Island of Iona in Scotland working for the community there as a volunteer. My eyes were opened to what it meant for God’s people to sing together from every land and in every tongue. Soon after that, I was introduced to The Hymn Society, got a church music internship at a local church in town, and found my calling moving from music education to sacred music. After completing a Masters in Sacred Music I find myself continually drawn to the power of congregational singing and in awe that this is my job!

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  1. Yacon Root says:

    I delight in reading through your website. It was fairly fascinating. 🙂

  2. Cassidy says:

    Great site. Just had a quick read.

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