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Introduction to Voices United: A Congregational Song Podcast

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Welcome to our new podcast! We’re excited to launch our first season, starting with our first 2 episodes. This episode is an overview by our host Ben Brody on what and who you can expect to hear in this season and seasons to come. As Ben says in this episode, “This podcast is for those who care deeply about the quality and content of congregational singing, and want to learn more from those who write, study, and lead the church’s song.”


Season 1 – Episode 1

Introduction to the scope, purpose, and season 1 guests for our podcast, “Voices United.”


Listening time: 13 minutes, 47 seconds


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I am your host, Benjamin Brody, and I am pleased to welcome you to this inaugural episode of our podcast in which we will explore the depth and breadth of congregational singing and congregational song.


I believe that the most important musical activity that happens in church is congregational singing.


We believe that the holy act of singing together shapes faith, heals brokenness, transforms lives, and renews peace.


…a podcast that is 1) broadly and unapologetically ecumenical in scope, 2) focused specifically on congregational singing, and 3) bringing together voices who serve a variety of roles – theologians, pastors, musicians, as well as writers of music and words for singing in worship.


2 thoughts on “Introduction to Voices United: A Congregational Song Podcast”

  1. Shirley Brendlinger says:

    I wholly agree with Dr. Brody’s statement about the purpose of worship in song!

  2. Elizabeth Brink says:

    I am so excited for this podcast. Ben leads music at my church, and I have been immeasurably enriched in faith and life by the songs we sing together as a congregation. I will be eagerly awaiting upcoming episodes.

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