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Fred Kaan


This episode is with biographer Gillian Warson on the life and legacy of hymn writer Fred Kaan. It was recorded by Ben Brody at The Hymn Society in Great Britain and Ireland’s 2019 Annual Conference in Canterbury, England. For a full biography of Fred Kaan, click here.



Season 3 – Episode 6

In this interview with Gillian Warson, the life and legacy of hymn writer Fred Kaan is discussed. Stories from Fred’s life of justice and peace-making are shared. How his life and legacy are displayed in his hymn texts is explored along with many humorous and poignant anecdotes.


Listening time: 24 minutes


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2 thoughts on “Fred Kaan”

  1. Alison Kaan says:

    Re: Fred Kaan interview
    One correction: his wife Elly was not in an internment camp in the ‘Far East’ (Indonesia, in fact), although both her parents were in concentration camps (where her father, a missionary, died). She was looked after in a safe place. At the end of WWII she and her mother were repatriated to the Netherlands. She met Fred at the local high school.

    1. admtcfcs says:

      Thank you for that correction! We’re so grateful for Fred’s life and legacy.

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