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Harmony Launch Event!

Over one-hundred people are gathered in Dallas today to celebrate the launch of The Center for Congregational Song. Some of the church’s most influential leaders in congregational song are presenting and attending this event to vision for the future. Live-stream of some of the event is available on our facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Harmony Launch Event!”

  1. Wally Brown says:

    Wonderful idea. I have tried for many years to do something like this, but I could not get much interest. Could it be that great organ and piano accompaniment is not enough? I do not like the sound of drums and geetars, so……………………………………..

    1. admtcfcs says:

      Dear Wally,
      Thanks for your comment! We are so excited to be launching so we can have deep and meaningful conversations about the church’s song. It’s so important to move past what we personally like and dislike so that we can begin to ask questions like “What is God calling our church to sing?” or “What instrumentation will best enliven this song and help empower the congregation’s voice?” Sing on!

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