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Accompaniment Tracks for Lent 2021


We know that planning worship during the global pandemic has not been easy. With all of the added stress, new skills (audio/video editing!!!), and constant curveballs, we know that you’re probably tired. With Easter just around the corner and plans being made, we hope that these accompaniment tracks will ease your burden a bit, giving you time and energy to focus on other projects and congregational needs on the horizon.

In total there are 15 hymns with the majority of those being recorded in two different styles. With the exception of the acapella selections (which necessitate vocals), these are provided without vocals so that you, your cantor, choir, or congregation can add their own voices to the track. Hymn suggestions are based on the Revised Common Lectionary readings.

All of these are public domain hymns, are free to download, and should be considered “creative commons,” meaning you can use them in any way you would like as long as credit is given to The Center for Congregational Song.


Downloads are available at the bottom of this page in our SoundCloud player, or by going to our SoundCloud account here.


Song List

1st Sunday – Feb 21st – A CAPPELLA SUNDAY

Jesus, Lover of My Soul [ABERYSTWYTH] – A Cappella with vocal percussion loops

My Hope is Built on Nothing Less [SOLID ROCK] – 1. A Cappella with soprano on melody  2. A Cappella with no melody


2nd Sunday – Feb 28th

Be Thou My Vision [SLANE] – 1. Piano & Violin    2. Full Band

The God of Abraham Praise [LEONI] – 1. Organ   2. Hard Rock

Fairest Lord Jesus, Lord of all creation [CRUSADERS’ HYMN] – 1. Organ  2. Band


3rd Sunday – March 7th

I Want Jesus to Walk with Me [WALK WITH ME] – 1. Simple Piano      2. Funk-Inspired


4th Sunday – March 14th

Of the Father’s Love Begotten [DIVINUM MYSTERIUM] – 1. Organ      2. Synth

Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us [BRADBURY] – 1. Piano & Flute       2. Wind Ensemble


5th Sunday – March 21st

Ah, holy Jesus, how hast thou offended [HERZLIEBSTER JESU] – 1. Organ     2. Guitar Ensemble

Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy [RESTORATION] – 1. Funky Band


Palm/Passion Sunday – March 28th

All Glory, Laud and Honor [VALET WILL ICH DIR GEBEN] – 1. Organ & Brass        2. Hard Rock

What Wondrous Love Is This [WONDROUS LOVE] – 1. Synth & Violin

Praise, Praise, Praise the Lord (Cameroon) [LOUEZ LE SEIGNEUR] – 1. Percussion & “oo” Choir      2. Percussion Only

Sanna, Sannanina (South Africa) [SANNANINA] – 1. Percussion & “oo” Choir      2. Percussion Only

O Sacred Head Now Wounded [PASSION CHORALE] – 1. Organ & Cello     2. Strings


Playlist & Downloads

Download by clicking a track and then look for the “download” button on the top right hand corner of the soundcloud player. You can also go directly to our SoundCloud album here.


4 thoughts on “Accompaniment Tracks for Lent 2021”

  1. Kent Tuohino says:

    Thank you so much for creating these audio tracks to use in our services! I was interested in using “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me” for our service on Ash Wednesday. Do you know when that track will be available?

    1. admtcfcs says:

      Thanks, Kent! We’ll have two different versions of “I Want Jesus To Walk With Me” posted by Monday. Finishing things up over the weekend.

  2. Pam Martin says:

    Our beloved priest is retiring and Lent 2 is his last Sunday. He’s not fond of most church music but he’s a big fan of blues and metal. We’ve never accommodated his tastes before, and then, behold, a heavy metal rendition of LEONI !!! Your timing couldn’t be better. Thank you!

    1. admtcfcs says:

      Amazing. So glad it can bless that time of transition for your priest and congregation. Let us know how it is received!

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