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“Voices United” Podcast Season 4 Now Available

Produced and Hosted by Whitworth University church music professor Dr. Ben Brody, this podcast is supported by The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada and Whitworth University. As the podcast host, Ben’s task is to have as many conversations as he can with as many different congregational song enthusiasts as he can find. These meaningful conversations will seek to explore why people are passionate about congregational song, what works for their congregations, and stories of success and failures that we can be inspired by or learn from.


Season 4

Episode 1 – Susan Briehl

Susan Briehl is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, and her hymns appear in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal and other collections. This interview with Susan was conducted in Spokane Washington, in April, 2022.

Episode 2 – Martin Leckebusch

Martin Leckebusch is an English hymn writer who has several published collections of hymns and psalm paraphrases. His work can be found in many recent hymnals. This interview with Martin took place in Canterbury, England, in July, 2019.

Episode 3 – Janet Wootton

Janet Wootton is an English hymnwriter, scholar, and theologian. Janet is the author of “This Is Our Song: Women’s Hymn Writing.” This interview with Janet was recorded in July, 2019 in Dallas Texas.

Episode 4 – Rosa Cándida Ramírez

Rosa Cándida Ramírez is pastor at La Fuenta Ministries, an intercultural and intergenerational bilingual ministry in Pasadena, California. This interview with Rosa took place in Dallas, Texas, in July 2019.