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Interview with David Bailey


This episode is with pastor and producer out of Richmond, Virginia, David Bailey. Rev. David M. Bailey believes that the Church should and can lead by example in diversity and reconciliation. He’s the founder of Arrabon; a ministry that equips churches and nonprofits with the tools and resources to shepherd their community from aspirational values regarding diversity along racial, ethnic, and class divisions towards an embodied practice. He is the author of Arrabon: Learning Reconciliation through Community and Worship Music, and the producer of the Urban Doxology project. David and his wife Joy live in Richmond, VA.


Season 1 – Episode 5

An interview with pastor and producer David Bailey focusing on the church’s song, race conciliation, and his own personal faith journey through music.



Listening time: 40 minutes


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I started tinkering around the piano at age 8, and really started playing at age 11.


I think songs matter, but I think songs matter [more] in context.


Michael Jackson was great…he was a genius! But the most number of albums he sold was with Quincy Jones.


All theology is a story of cultural influence.


When you’re a music producer, you’re pretty much a cultural anthropologist…what makes someone dance in a club is one thing, what makes someone dance in a country club is one thing, and what makes Presbyterians sway is another thing.