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Christmas – Park, Porch, and Sidewalk Sings!

Christmas – Park, Porch, and Sidewalk Sings!

This Advent and Christmas season, The Center for Congregational Song and  Worship Design Studio are teaming up to create FREE materials to assist you in “filling the night with music and light!” With singing in church worship spaces hindered by the Coronavirus, we are turning to caroling as a way to offer opportunities for people to sing their hearts out safely, taking it outside and safely-distanced!


To access the materials, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Included in the materials:

• printable PDF booklet with music and narration

• accompaniment tracks for a 10-minute on-the-go carol set to repeat in various locations and a 25-30 minute stationary carol set to do in one location

• ideas for a cappella singing and supplementing with bells and/or percussion

• instructions that help groups of singers with ideas for making and adding luminary lanterns to their visual arrangement for a festive atmosphere

• ideas for creative locations in which to sing (that’s the “park, porch, and sidewalk sing” part) and how to safely do that

• social media hashtags and groups so churches can celebrate each other’s “Sings!”


Whether you are worshiping online or in adapted in-person gatherings, singing in enclosed spaces is still not advised. The tradition of caroling (with safe distancing) can give us a way to offer the message of hope and light in this time. Let’s reclaim and amplify this practice this year!

-Marcia McFee, Creator and Visionary of Worship Design Studio and Brian Hehn, Director of The Center for Congregational Song





Special thanks to Marcia McFee and Worship Design Studio for collaborating with us on this project!