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Ambassadors Program Applications Now Open

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Become a Center for Congregational Song Ambassador

Applications are now being accepted for the next class of Deborah Carlton Loftis Ambassadors. Ambassador Programs are free church music workshops for students at universities, colleges, seminaries and/or online groups on behalf of The Center for Congregational Song (CCS). The workshops are ideally free and open to the broader community, but the primary goal is to reach students.

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(Application Deadline is April 30th, 2021)

The Ambassadors Program seeks to achieve two primary goals:

  1. Provide non-church music students (Music Majors, Music Education Majors, and/or Seminarians) an opportunity to learn basic church music skills, inviting them to think more deeply about the importance of congregational song in the life of the church, and connecting them to church music organizations as resources.
  2. Provide young professionals in church music an opportunity for leadership.

Chosen candidates will covenant to:

  1. Attend the Ambassadors Program Training Session with the Director of The Center for Congregational Song. Training sessions are held in conjunction with the Annual Hymn Society Conference in July.
  2. Develop their own “unit” to teach – Click Here for current ambassador unit examples.
  3. Serve a four-year term in which they will contribute to two (hopefully in-person) workshops and one final webinar.

Qualified candidates will:

  • Normally hold a Master’s degree or higher (Current Master’s students or candidates with other qualifications are still eligible, but will be subject to tougher scrutiny.)
  • Be at least 23 years old and no older than 35.
  • Submit the online application that includes
    • Curriculum vitae and educational history
    • A short essay (500 – 1,000 words) on their calling/vocation and career goals
    • Recommendation by a congregational song mentor that includes examples of the applicant’s leadership and/or teaching skills in the area of congregational song.

Selection of Ambassadors will be by committee and specifically consider each candidate’s:

  • Unique skill set applied to congregational song (e.g., singer, instrumentalist, researcher, etc.), and whether this person will add something unique or particularly useful to the Ambassadors team.
  • Teaching ability.
  • Representation from disadvantaged or historically marginalized groups.
  • Optimum potential to represent CCS in public appearances
  • Candidate’s personal and/or professional benefit from the experience of serving as an Ambassador.


For questions about this program or application, please email:

To Apply Click Here

(Application Deadline is April 30th, 2021)